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Certified by the OK Kosher Corporation
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Your Year Round Kosher Vacation in the Caribbean.

 Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club offers the ONLY true Kosher Vacation in the Caribbean certified by OK Kosher for a truly once in a lifetime vacation catered specifically to the dietary needs of the Kosher Traveler. Below you will find the types of food groups provided by the "Blues" restaurant for your enjoyment.


The Kosher program servers and on-site staff are very appreciative of any tips received.  We are asked regularly about tips and here is what we do.

We typically tip $5.00 per person for dinner, $2-3 per person for breakfast and lunch service (Daily).  This is a guideline on what we tip while we are on the property.  The resort staff is very grateful for any tips given. 

Should you have a special request such as a birthday cake or similar request the typical tip for this service is $35.00.  Please always tip for this services as this is NOT included in any package price.





Stuffed Foods

Side Dishes


Children's Menu